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COVID-19 has already had a huge impact on the world. Millions of kids are home from school now and the entire concept of education is being brought into question. How will education change after the COVID-19 pandemic is over? Read on to explore this question further. 

E-Learning Will Become a Big Part of Education

Things were already trending toward e-learning before COVID-19 came to be. Many companies have been working on improving EdTech so that it will be practical to implement distance learning measures in all school districts. After the fallout of the pandemic, it’s very likely that many will turn to e-learning to keep children safe. It has become apparent that technology is going to play a key role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and putting a greater emphasis on distance learning will help countries to be better prepared for future pandemics. 

Of course, many school districts do not have any distance learning options in place right now. If the country took the time to make e-learning a priority, then it’s possible that millions of kids could still be learning from home right now instead of taking the rest of the school year off. People who balked at the idea of distance learning before are now recognizing the benefits. E-learning won’t become the new standard overnight, but you’re going to see strides made toward offering distance learning opportunities to kids. 

Technological Developments Will Ramp up

Many experts also believe that technological developments will also ramp up in the aftermath of COVID-19. EdTech is the future of education and now that more people understand this, it’s going to see more interest from investors. You will see a lot of money being poured into technology that will help to educate kids and adults alike. This means that the development of new technologies could be sped up due to an increased interest. 

The World Won’t Be the Same

Perhaps the one thing that most people agree on is that the world won’t be the same after COVID-19. This situation has brought to light many of the limitations of society to operate safely during a pandemic. It will cause governments to consider changes so that they can move forward while protecting citizens. Time will tell how fast the changes will occur, but the post-COVID-19 world will definitely look different.