The term self-care is being used more frequently due to the increasing number of employees feeling stressed and turning to negative behaviors to cope. Employers need to encourage their staff members to take care of themselves.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help employees and managers introduce a culture of self-care into their work lives.

Lead By Example

If your company’s leaders and managers show that they support the concept of self-care, then your employees are more likely to respond positively to your message. You can inspire them by sharing inspirational quotes and tips, and they’ll be more likely to take you seriously.

Foster Good Habits 

One effective way to encourage your staff members to take care of themselves is by having regular walking meetings. This exercise can help promote outside-of-the-box thinking and improve physical and mental health. You can also encourage your staff members to shut down and log off.

One of the most critical factors you can consider when promoting self-care is avoiding eating lunch at the computer. This can be an excellent opportunity for employees to get a mental break or focus on something non-work related. Implementing self-care rules can help you set an example for your team. 

Update the Workspace 

The environment and the way you work can have a significant impact on your productivity. Consider improving the work environment by cleaning up your desk. You can put inspirational images and other objects there to help you feel good about yourself.

Encourage People to Use their Benefits 

Your company’s benefits should include offerings that support the well-being of your employees. However, only offering these can be enough. You should also motivate your staff members to use their benefits, such as discounted gym memberships, online counseling sessions, and massage vouchers.

If you don’t provide many health-related benefits, then it’s time to consider switching to a PEO. This type of insurance can help you offer better coverage and lower costs. With a network of providers and better negotiation deals, PEOs can help you promote self-care and wellness at every level.

Encourage Breaks 

Working through a lunch break to finish a job can be tempting. However, not having the proper break can lead to decreased productivity, especially in the afternoon. To prevent this, make sure your staff members know the importance of taking breaks.