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You should always want to find employees who are going to benefit your company. If you’re looking to hire new employees soon, then it could be worthwhile to ensure that you get passionate employees. How do you go about hiring passionate employees? Read on to look at several tips that will make finding the employees that you want simpler. 

Make Use of Essay Questions

Most job applications are very straightforward and they offer simple questions that require basic answers. These are fine, but you might want to have more nuanced questions to attract employees that are actually passionate. Essay questions in the job application process will allow you to identify job candidates who are particularly passionate about the field. You can seek out people with interesting answers or ones who seem to match your vision for the company. 

Office Tours

Another good idea is to take your job candidates on a tour through your office. This can give job candidates a greater idea of what to expect at your company. It also allows you to gauge whether job candidates are truly passionate about the job. You should offer office tours to job candidates who have done well in the interview process and who you might be interested in hiring. 

The “Absolutely” or “Absolutely Not” Rule

You can also implement a simple “absolutely” or “absolutely not” rule on hiring people. If you are so positive about a candidate that you feel hiring them is a no-brainer, then that works out great. If someone is an absolute no from everyone on the hiring team, then you know that they aren’t a good fit. Anyone who falls into the maybe category is someone who must not be that passionate about the job or who must not be quite everything that you’re looking for. 

Look for People Who Ask Questions and Remain Engaged

Finally, it’s going to be prudent to look for job candidates who ask a lot of questions while remaining engaged in the process. If someone is interested in what you have to say and seems to really want to work for you, then that is a sign of passion. You’re more likely to find a good employee who will be passionate about the company if you’re looking out for stuff like this. Be mindful of what the job candidate is asking and look for these signs of passion.